Special Thanks to Everyone involved!

Our thanks to everyone organizing in the relief efforts, including Keanu Reeves, Monica Lee Bellais, CINE Board Member, Luillo Ruiz and Belly Torres, Walter, Patricia and Patrick Josten, Luis Riefkohl, Brandon Powers, Jimmy Dodson, Rene Besson, Rosi Acosta, Amy Saxon, Kip Konwiser, Christopher Miller, Alastair Burlingham, Oscar Generale, Piers Tempest, Nick Hamm, John Luessenhopp, Paul Kampf, Holly Levow and Tom Sperry.


Thanks also to the entire staff and crew at New York Comic Con and everyone at DKC Public Relations – and a very special thanks to:

Lance Fensterman
Michael Kisken
Mike Armstrong
Kristina Rogers
James McNerney
Fallon Prinzivalli